FG Series

Linear Guideway Type FG Series

Stable in Accuracy. Flexible in Length.

  • FG Series is an extension of LG series.The base is equipped with three sets of R55 linear guide way, a wider working table and a prolonged X travel up to 10,200mm.Our intention is to offer the customer another choice for medium to large size workpiece machining.
Model Unit FG-3226 FG-4226 FG-5226 FG-6226 FG-8226 FG-10226
X axis mm 3,200 4,200 5,200 6,200 8,200 10,200
Y axis mm 2,600
Z axis mm 1000(1,200-opt.)
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 150-1,150(150-1,350-opt.)
Distance between two column mm 2,800(2,750)
Working table    
Table Length mm 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 8,000 10,000
Table Width mm 2,400
Table Load kg 13,000 15,000 17,000 19,000 21,000 25,000
T- Slot (Width x Number x Pitch) mm 28x13x180
Spindle Taper - BT-50 / ISO-50 / CAT-50
Spindle Speed rpm 6,000(8,000-opt.)
Spindle motor(cont./30 minutes rated) kw 18.5 / 22 (22/26-opt.)
Rapid Traverse(X/Y/Z) m/min 15 / 15 / 12 12 / 15 / 12 8 / 15 / 12
Cutting feedrate mm/min 7,000
Positioning Accuracy mm ±0.005 / 300 ; ±0.015 / Full travel
mm P0.035 P0.045
Repeatability mm ±0.003
mm Ps0.028 Ps0.03
Tool magazine capacity pcs 32 (24/40/60/90-opt.)
Max. tool size (full pocket/next pockets empty) mm Ø125/245
Max. tool length mm 350
Max. tool weight kg 20
Power required kva 65
Pneumatic input pressure kg/cm2 6.5
Machine net weight tons 38 42 48 53 63 83
Floor space (LxWxH) m 10.4x6.8x5.4 13x6.8x5.4 14.8x6.8x5.4 17.3x6.8x5.4 21.7x6.8x5.4 26.1x6.8x5.4

※All specification are subjected to change without prior notice.

Category Description FG Series
Controller FANUC 0i-MF controller
FANUC 31i-MB controller
MITSUBISHI M80 / M830 controller
SIEMENS 828 / 840D controller
HEIDENHAIN TNC640 controller
Spindle 18.5/22 kW spindle motor
22/26 kW spindle motor
4,200rpm 2-step gear drive spindle
8,000rpm 2-step gear drive spindle
6,000rpm 2-step gear drive spindle
8,000/10,000rpm direct drive spindle
Z travel extension / higher column Z travel 800mm
Z travel 1000mm
Z travel 1200mm
Z travel 1500mm
100mm heightened column (standard Z travel)
200mm heightened column (standard Z travel)
300mm heightened column (standard Z travel)
400mm heightened column (standard Z travel)
ATC Automatic Tool Changer 32 tools
Automatic Tool Changer 40/60/90/120 tools
Splash guard Semi splash guard
Fully enclosed splash guard (roof excluded)
Fully enclosed splash guard (roof included)
Mechanical X/Y/Z axes absolute pulse coder
Rigid tapping
Twin hydraulic cylinders
Nitrogen balancing system
Automatic lubrication system
Spindle oil cooler
Air blast through spindle
Manual Pulse Generator
Working lamp
3-color alarm lamp
Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
Water gun and air gun interface
Cutting coolant system
Twin auger chip removal system
Chip conveyor with cart
3 axes manual pulse generator for mold processing
Coolant through spindle at 20/40/70 bar
Coolant through tool holder interface
Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
Oil skimmer
Oil mist device
Others Leveling bolts & blocks
Tool box
CE norm
Measurement Heidenhain Linear Scale
Automatic tool measuring system
Automatic work piece measuring system
4th axis function CNC Rotary table
4th axis preparation

-Standard /  -Optional /  -Inapplicable /  -Depending on the model